Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 days to 3 years

3 days into my new course, and the college gets a 3 day break due to a national holiday followed by a weekend. Guys are few and the girls are many, and nice too... ;)
Looks like the 3 year ride is going to fun!

I thought I'd seen many kind of people till I ended up here. Then I came across this bunch of creatures: Guys with so much attitude that you feel like whacking them. Guys that pretend to be innocent, but have a killer mind working in the background. And then, guys that want to be a hit among the ladies. Sadly, their jokes and views just do the opposite for them. Dumb asses!

I'd always heard stories about hostel life from my brother and his friends. I always thought that they kind-of exaggerated all their stories. But now I couldn't agree more.

Coming down to the girls now, I must say there are many beautiful girls in the class. The kinds that make your jaw drop.Drool! Then there are those who can be good friends. I'm really bad at categorizing girls, but then that's how any guy would do it. So basically what we do is that, we drool over the pretty ladies and talk with the good girls. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have both of them at the same table! :P

I know many people(read girls) will blast me for the girls part up there. But ladies, it's all meant just for the girls from my college! So don't give me gaali after reading all that crap I've written up there... What do you expect a guy to write at 9 in the morning after sleeping for just 4 hours?? :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why so serious?

I saw The Dark Knight today. Have to say, its one helluva movie... Totally mind-blowing... Everything from the story-line to the cast performances to the visual effects to the background score was very very good... It'll be no wonder if it fetches up most of the awards at the next Oscars...

Watching Morgan Freeman is always a delight... Christian Bale is way better than his predecessors... Katie Holmes seemed to had justified the role of Rachel much better in Batman Begins than Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight... Or maybe its just that Katie Holmes looks beautiful... :P

But the ace among all of them was the late Heath Ledger, who, according to me, has immortalized the role of The Joker! He was the best of the lot... Its just sad that we wont be seeing any more of him... God bless his soul...

To sum it all, everyone should watch this awesome movie, because it rocks!! :P

Why so serious?? Lets put a smile on that face! :D

Saturday, August 2, 2008


Guruji says, "praising is a divine quality."

I hardly praise people. So, just because I'm feeling in the mood now, I would like to thank all the people I've ever met in life. They have helped me(or maybe not) to become what I am today.

My parents and brother, for being there to support me every single time...
My closest pals ever: Saurabh, Ai Ling and Ai Win...
Friends whom I just love: Vipul, Durgesh, Sudhir,Yash & Gauri J...
College Pals: Dharmang & Vipin...
Cousins: Vikas & Monty...

And from the AoL family: The entire Y.E.S. gang, as it was and as it is today...
The entire Wagle family,Tejas bhaiya, Jayesh bhaiya and everyone else....

Nikunj for lending his croaking voice whenever i was humming alone the song "Inteha ho gayi"
Srimoyee for the ice-cream treats at Sree Ji
Prasad for being a go-getter and also for the unforgettable NH4 trip
Kiran for being one of the B E S T F R I E N D S ever
Bhavna for being the most patient and amazing person I've ever known
Sangeet for making sure that Devdas wasnt made for the 4th time and also the endless cups of cutting chai...
Aditi for being sane enough to survive and rise up
Amol bhaiya for putting his trust and time into me to make me a better person
And at last, my Guruji, Sri Sri Ravishankarji for being there to take care of me and everyone I love...

You all mean so much to me! Thank you!


Most of the people experiment things when they are in their teens. Cigarettes, alcohol, sex, drugs and so on. I however knew better than to indulge into these things. Nonetheless, i did experiment something else. It's what people call, 'screwing your life'.

School life was normal, i used to score decent grades. Parents were happy, life was good. Come college, and I forgot what books were for. I dont remember being the guy who would bunk classes and sit in the canteen throughout the day. I used to attend my classes physically, though I have no clue of being present there mentally. Naturally, I screwed up in my boards. I had to sit and prepare for the next attempt, while my friends were pursuing a degree. I didnt care much that I would be left a year behind them. In fact now I realise, I wasnt careless about my future. I was totally clueless. Some might say that I still am, and I dont think they would be wrong!

So after scraping through my boards, I wanted to be an animator. I did however ended up being a nothing. So here I am preparing to be a graduate now, when my friends are starting to expect fat pay-cheques every month. I dont feel shameful of this fact, I know I will earn good enough as well when I'm done with my studies. Its just some decisions in life that I will regret, frown upon, maybe even shed a tear sometime. But I know, all these events in my life will make me what I will be after 5 years from now. Definitely a better man than I am, and also more educationally qualified. ;)

Im off to Pune, to slog for 3 years now just for the sake of getting a fat-cheque as well in my bank account every month. Wish me luck! I really need it. :)