Saturday, August 16, 2008

3 days to 3 years

3 days into my new course, and the college gets a 3 day break due to a national holiday followed by a weekend. Guys are few and the girls are many, and nice too... ;)
Looks like the 3 year ride is going to fun!

I thought I'd seen many kind of people till I ended up here. Then I came across this bunch of creatures: Guys with so much attitude that you feel like whacking them. Guys that pretend to be innocent, but have a killer mind working in the background. And then, guys that want to be a hit among the ladies. Sadly, their jokes and views just do the opposite for them. Dumb asses!

I'd always heard stories about hostel life from my brother and his friends. I always thought that they kind-of exaggerated all their stories. But now I couldn't agree more.

Coming down to the girls now, I must say there are many beautiful girls in the class. The kinds that make your jaw drop.Drool! Then there are those who can be good friends. I'm really bad at categorizing girls, but then that's how any guy would do it. So basically what we do is that, we drool over the pretty ladies and talk with the good girls. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have both of them at the same table! :P

I know many people(read girls) will blast me for the girls part up there. But ladies, it's all meant just for the girls from my college! So don't give me gaali after reading all that crap I've written up there... What do you expect a guy to write at 9 in the morning after sleeping for just 4 hours?? :D


Ai Ling said...

heeeyyyy! was really pissed off for a while there... but you know...!
love your blogs dear. do post regularly.. atleast will be able to keep up with you in this manner hopeless!

Roly said...

have lots of fun in ur college and hostel life........ these moments u will cherish for a lifetime......

jai gurudeva dear.


Now when that college era is over i just want to know who were d grls who made u drool.I guess there weren't many.