Saturday, August 2, 2008


Most of the people experiment things when they are in their teens. Cigarettes, alcohol, sex, drugs and so on. I however knew better than to indulge into these things. Nonetheless, i did experiment something else. It's what people call, 'screwing your life'.

School life was normal, i used to score decent grades. Parents were happy, life was good. Come college, and I forgot what books were for. I dont remember being the guy who would bunk classes and sit in the canteen throughout the day. I used to attend my classes physically, though I have no clue of being present there mentally. Naturally, I screwed up in my boards. I had to sit and prepare for the next attempt, while my friends were pursuing a degree. I didnt care much that I would be left a year behind them. In fact now I realise, I wasnt careless about my future. I was totally clueless. Some might say that I still am, and I dont think they would be wrong!

So after scraping through my boards, I wanted to be an animator. I did however ended up being a nothing. So here I am preparing to be a graduate now, when my friends are starting to expect fat pay-cheques every month. I dont feel shameful of this fact, I know I will earn good enough as well when I'm done with my studies. Its just some decisions in life that I will regret, frown upon, maybe even shed a tear sometime. But I know, all these events in my life will make me what I will be after 5 years from now. Definitely a better man than I am, and also more educationally qualified. ;)

Im off to Pune, to slog for 3 years now just for the sake of getting a fat-cheque as well in my bank account every month. Wish me luck! I really need it. :)


Bhavna said...

sweety...i dnt care bout u being a graduate or wtever...all i know is...u bring a smile 2 my face verytime i meet far as i think...they dnt teach u dt in college!!!

kiran menon said...

m very happy for you alun...may u always get success ahead..n v all r waiting n praying that u get ur fat-cheques soon...taki humlog humesha party banaye :P

RASHMI... said...

i am late to comment for this.... but still... al d best...and ur doing well... keep it up..