Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Pull the rope!

It works! It finally works!! Ever since I've been using this template (Foliage) on Blogger, I couldn't get the rope on the top of the page to work. It's supposed to drop down a page when you click on it. Go ahead, try it out! I'm so happy, it's finally working! Yippee!!! :)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What an idea!

I finally found the paper on which I had written my assignment. It was a free-writing assignment and I'm posting it here. The title was "What an idea!". Hope you'll like it :)

I am out of ideas. As usual, I have absolutely no clue as to what to write for my assignment. I'm told it's a free-writing assignment, so one can submit even a painting or poem. Sadly, I can't paint and I definitely can't write a poem for nuts. I believe I can write a short story, but then as I mentioned earlier, I'm out of ideas. I'm stuck without my assignment done whereas my room-mates snore loudly enough to even wake up the dog sleeping on the road. And to add to it, I'm dead sleepy. Why am I forcing myself to turn into an insomniac when I can just climb into the bed and help my roomies wake that dog on the street? Yet again, I have no answer to my own question!

Where does the brain wander to when you need it the most? It's strange that the mind that keeps sending out thousands of thoughts every minute, stops responding when an assignment is to be done. Deadlines make the brain to come to a halt and kills creativity. Somehow there's Pink Floyd's 'Another brick in the wall' playing in my head. What the hell am I talking about? I desperately need to hit the mattress.

I think I can write a story. But then I don't have any idea what I want to write about. So I drop that plan. How about submitting a photo or a collage of photos as an assignment? I'm not quite sure if that can be done. Lack of information is not good for health.

I take a break to walk in the dark corridors. The cold wind that blows through the corridor gives an eerie feeling to the hostel that is forever filled with shouts. Suddenly, the brain revives itself from the slumber and I get an idea for a story. I rush back to my room, settle down in the chair and open the book to write the story. The moment the pen touches the book, the idea evaporates from my mind. I sit there helplessly trying to focus on whatever I had in mind. Another five minutes pass and yet no clue of that genius idea for a story. By now I'm starting to doubt if I even have a brain! I hope that it's true and the teacher understands my problem. I hope she sympathizes with me and gives me full marks for being just plain dumb. I wish everything was that simple. And now its Abhishek Bachan in my head saying, "What an idea sirji!"

That was what I had submitted for my free-writing assignment. As I was typing all of that on the screen, I did realise many changes that could be done. Anyways, a genuine is always a genuine ;)
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