Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sleeping next to your enemy!

"So I heard from her that you are going out with XYZ"
I was staring at a stone lying in the middle of the road till now but instantly turned to face her.
"Who told you this?"
"It doesn't matter who told me what. What really matters is if it is true that you both are seeing each other"
"Hell no I'm not dating XYZ! Now tell me who is the one spreading all these rumours?"
"Oh alright. Well if u insist on knowing, its your roommate ABC."

Stunned, I keep looking at her for a few seconds before moving on. I walk her to the gate of her hostel and wish her goodnight. Still shocked by what I've just heard, I start walking back towards my own hostel in the moonlight. I'd already been a victim to being linked up with girls from my class but by other people. This coming from my roommate was a blow in the face for me. It was the very same guy who used to snore on the bed next to mine in the hostel. I'd seen him do this to other people and knew the kind of guy he is, but it never occured to me that I could be his next victim. By now my head was hot like a pot of boiling water. I didn't want to ask this person if he was actually responsible for spreading these rumours. Right now, all I wanted to do was pack my stuff and walk out of that room which we both shared. I didn't want to spend anymore time being his roommate.

I reach the hostel gates as they are about to be shut and walk in. He's standing outside the room, laughing and talking to some guy from a different course. I don't even look at him and walk to my room and change into my night-suit. I leave the room saying something about assignment and go sit in my senior's room whose watching a movie. I sit there for a little more than two hours and watch the movie with him. The hostel is as peaceful as a cemetery when I step out of my senior's room into the corridor. The cold winter breeze gives me goosebumps. I go and stand at a window in the corridor and keep gazing out into the darkness for 10-15 minutes. When I feel contented and peaceful, I walk to my room, pull over my blanket and go to sleep.

In those few minutes that I'd spent alone in the freezing corridor, I realised that this was just the start of the journey that would go on for another two and a half years. Picking up a fight or getting into a dirty argument now with my roommate would not benefit me in any manner. I also realise that it shouldn't matter to me what the world says about me, till the time I'm clear in my actions and intentions. I sleep peacefully that night and meditate the next morning as usual. It's a brand new day now, with a promise of possibilities and failures. It's for me to stand out as an achiever between my friends and peers. With all this clear in my head, I walk out of the hostel smiling at the world. There's only one thought in my mind, Carpe Diem baby!


kiran menon said...

this is one of the best blog i liked till now.... just b the way u r aalun!:)

anil said...

saale yeah teri kahani to nahi hai na??hehehe....gud work bro..keep it up ;)..lots of luv

RASHMI... said...

keep it up... all i can say is capre diem dude!!! A long way to go ahead.......