Friday, June 12, 2009

Stink-bombs and pain..

There's always a first time for everything in life..
Your first bike, first crush, first kiss and then the first time when you wash your clothes..
I had never in my life washed anything other than my underwear, until last night.. I must say it was a painful experience..
I'd soaked my clothes 2 nights back and was too lazy to wash them.. So, by the time I'd finally made my mind to do the tedious task, they were as fragrant as a stink-bomb.. They actually smelt better when I had soaked them..
First, it was the stink. And then there was the brush I had to use to wash the clothes.. After 45 minutes of agonizing struggle with the brush, it felt as if my shoulder would be dislocated..

Bottomline : Never keep clothes soaked for too long or even better, don't go through the pain of washing them yourselves! Ouch!


RASHMI... said...

ohh soo sorry for the pain you felt... but when you are lazy for anything... you have to pay later on for it!!!!!!!!

Bhavna said...

dude...dnt soak clothes for more than half a day!

Arun S said...

priceless piece of advice bhavna.. thank u! :)
tu nahi hoti toh mera kya hota ;)

anil said...

hahahaha....yeah padhne ke baad mujhe mere room mate amit dewani ki yaad aa mein he was like one if the dirtiest guys possible....saala apne kapde woh to 1-2 din nahi...2 weeks tak soak kar ke rakhta tha....nd believe me jis din woh kapde dhota tha saala pura hostel waale hostel ke bahar hote the....nd aftr the stinking smell used to dilute and become less lethal we all used to go and bust hi as*....hahaha...cheers bro...keep up the legacy..:D

Pratik Ranjan Shrivastava said...

life de lesson's dear .... ha ha ha ha