Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy New Year??

John passed away 4 days ago. He was a healthy man in his thirties. He is survived by his wife and two children, aged 4 and 3. When my brother was a trainee engineer, they both worked on the same ship. That's how they met, and that's how we knew John. This time again, they were on the same ship.
While in Chile, John complained of being unwell and was admitted to a local hospital where he was diagnosed with brain tumor. He had to be operated without the knowledge of his family, as his condition was worsening. His family was clueless about his whereabouts when he didn't call home for more than two weeks. Eventually the company informed them about his hospitalization and his elder brother was flown to Chile. But unfortunately, John died before his brother could reach him. He died alone in a foreign country, with no one at his side. How he would've wished to have kissed his kids and wife for one last time, to tell them how much he loved them and cared for them. But, what a tragedy!
John had been to our home once. He had brought chocolates and the seventh book of Harry Potter which my brother had sent. I remember his jolly laugh and humble nature.
As I got into the lift yesterday, his kids were going downstairs to play. They were totally clueless that their father is no more. I could not help but pity them.

If John's death was unfortunate, Navdeep's was untimely, who passed away early yesterday morning.
He was the husband of one of my aunt's daughter, whom we knew for almost 20 years now.
Navdeep had a kidney failure soon after his marriage and was on treatment for more than 7 years now. The evening before he passed away, he had been to the hospital, with his wife, to get the dialysis done. After visiting his in-laws, he drove the car for more than 30 kms and reached home at around 5am. As he bended down from his bed to pick up something, his head hit the bedside table and he fell unconcious. He was rushed to the hospital, but the soul had already abandoned the body.
Two days from now, his daughter turns 3. Is this god's gift to the little girl on her birthday?

It's been only a week since the New Year started and by the looks of it, it certainly doesn't seem happy to me. I remember watching P.S.  I Love You, where Hilary Swank kept receiving letters addressed to her by her dead husband, Gerard Butler so that she gets out of the trauma and does something substantial in life. I think of these two wives who have lost their husbands, and I think of these small children who lost their fathers, and I wonder if they would be as lucky as the protagonist from the movie. I know its a foolish thought, but I cant think of anything else that would brighten up the life of these people who have lost an important part of their lives, forever!

I pray that John's and Navdeep's soul rest in peace and that God gives their families strength to come out of this trauma.


RASHMI... said...

Life's so "UNPREDICTABLE......"
I am just left with no words again..
Its so strange, people who are alive don't know the worth of having families... and are looking forward for divorcing and breaking their families! Welcome to Life... As Life's Like That...


We can do nothing when there are cases of death but just learn that the life which we have is to be lived to the fullest. Who knoWs what happens next.... I Pray for Navdeep's and John's heavenly abode. May their souls rest in peace and their families come out of the shock to start balancing their life again.,/,.,/

Surhuda said...

Very touching. Yes it is so sad to lose a loved one. In the first case, the deceased was himself at a weak spot as he was alone. The second one is sad for the little daughter. . . well narrated! But death is a way of life.

Bhavna said... give a SERIOUS thought to writing a novel or a collection of short stories..

anil said...

I pay my condolences to both of them….regarding john, this was the 2nd time I was sailing with him…I have always known him as a person who is full of joy and enthusiasm …whenever v had parties onboard he was d first person who would start dancing…so full of energy…and his death was a sudden shock for all of us onboard…for many days v all onboard were speechless…and regarding navdeep, he was ill from a long time but whenever we used to meet he would always joke…he knew he will not be able to work but that did not stop him from living his life…and lately when he started showing some improvement this tragedy stuck…I m really sorry for both the losses and I pray that may there souls rest in peace and to give there families the strength to face these tough times